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Study Finds Vast Majority Of Gay Men Didn't Use A Condom The Last Time The Had Sex

A new survey conduced by FS Magazine has found that the overwhelming majority of gay and bisexual men didn't use a condom the last time they had anal sex. Over 3,100 men participated in the survey, which asked a variety of questions concerning sex, sexual health and relationships.

Experts Cautious About Study Predicting 'Gay' Orientation

U.S. researchers on Thursday said they had found a way to predict male sexual orientation based on molecular markers that control DNA function, but genetics experts warned that the research has important limitations and will not provide definitive answers to a potential biological basis for sexual preference. Findings from the study, which has yet to be published or reviewed in detail by other scientists, were presented at a meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics in Baltimore.

North Dakota Fraternity Cleared of Hate Crime Accusation

A monthlong police investigation has concluded that a gay man who reported being the victim of a hate crime at a University of North Dakota fraternity invented the story and actually instigated the fight. Police recommended charging Haakon Gisvold, 18, who is not a UND student, with providing false information to police, but prosecutors declined.

Gay men still subjected to electric shocks to 'cure' their sexuality

Gay men are being subjected to electroshock treatment in a bid to 'cure' them of their sexual preference, an undercover investigation has found. Doctors in China were secretly filmed by Channel 4 reporters selling bogus 'conversion therapy' treatments for homosexuality for hundreds of pounds.

Gay Man Murdered in Detroit, in Area Where Two Trans Murders Occurred This Year

A gay man was murdered in the 6 Mile and Woodward area of Detroit where two murders of transgender individuals have occurred this year already. The man, identified only as Melvin, was found by police wearing women's clothing and friends believe he was targeted for his sexual orientation.


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