I've heard a lot of people in this group have strong feelings about the character Max. I personally don't like the character because you can tell the writers simply put him in because they felt they had to, but then never gave him the time or concern that they showed to all of the other characters. Plus, sorry to say it because I respect what she does, Daniel Sea is just not a very good actress.

But I've heard people on here say they don't like Max for other reasons. I don't want to call specific people out because that's not my intention at all, but I just thought I should give some examples: "It's the L Word not the T Word" or the fact that he's a pregnant man with a beard is "gross."

Personally, I think trans people are an integral part of our community. I think it's important to make sure their voices are heard because out of the LGBT, I think the T is definitely the most misunderstood and under-represented. I think it's great that the writers tried to include a trans character, they just didn't do the greatest job of it.

But that's just the way I see it. I'm not saying that those earlier comments are hateful or transphobic, and I'm not saying that I'm right and they're wrong. I just wanted to start a discussion about Max and get people's thoughts about a trans characters on a lesbian show.

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I absolutely and whole-heartedly agree with you I feel that Ilene put Max into the story line because of the transgender guy Tracy that had 2 children , I as a lesbian am totally supportive of my family as well, however Max's character doesn't fit with anything that has transpired on The L Word , I feel that it was a last ditch attempt to give our brothers and sisters an accurate depiction of what Ilene sees as transgender.....but I feel that there are far too many gray areas in-between Gay and Lesbian for there to be one dimension represented by Daniela Sea........... we are multifacited as a community and we all need to stick together in this life as well as the next one........... but Daniela Sea may not have been the best choice for the role.
Sorry I think the guy's name is Tom now , my apologies.


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