Who's your favorite L Word character - from all seasons combined?

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For me, it's Shane because she seems the most honest and down to earth - even if she does have committment issues and insists on sleeping with anything that has a vagina.
I like Shane, too. I wouldn't mind having her as a "bud". My other favorites are Max, Tasha and Alice.

Alice and Tasha!
shane and alice. shane is sexy and honest. alice is adorable and comforting.
I would have to say Sarah (?) (The DJ that Shane left at the alter) and Shane.
Carmen is the DJ that Shane left at the alter. Yah, I loved Carmen too.
Yeah, Carmen was hot. The actress, Sarah Shahi, is now on a show called "Life" on NBC, I think, playing a cop.

i will have to vote and double vote and triple vote for CARMEN, GAWD HOW I MISS THAT HOTTIE...I MISSED HER SO MUCH THAT I WATCH AND TIVO LIFE...ok, ok, i need help.

funny, i decided i know what i want for christmas and i wrote a letter to santa.
That's right-I remembered her real name. I didn't know she was on Life-now I will HAVE to watch!
Jodi because she was soo in love with Bette and tamed her ways and she was an artist which is so HOT to me!! The fact that she changed herself for Bette was classic to me (change for the one you love). I started learning sign language because of her character lol.
My favorite is Alice Peizecki (Leisha Hailey). She is not only HOT! but is a very confident, independent, self assured, strong woman. I would love to meet her and talk with her in person to have the opportunity to see it for real. I have read a lot of interviews and such she has done and she sounds like an intriguing person to have a conversation with.
Id have to say Alice, Dana and Carmen! Hottness!!!!!


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