Who's your favorite L Word character - from all seasons combined?

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It was Carmen for me until she left. Shane is great too, but she leaves a wake of emotionally devastated women. I feel really bad for them. Tasha is really hot, but I think I'd be like Alice freaking out about supporting the system that's oppressing us. So I'll stick with Carmen for my favorite. She was just plain HOT and sweet as well.
Got to be Bette. despite all the ups and downs she manages to keep her dignity intact
I've finally caught up on all the episodes from season 5 and 6, and I must say that I'm in love with Molly Kroll
Bette, Alice, Tasha, Shane
My favoirte character is ..Carmen,Tina.Betty, thy are all an aswem actress,,you feel there reall even it is only acting..there strong ,smart,full of life,and full of womenhood...
Definitely Alice. She is the most likeable character. Every scene that she is in is fun.
Jenny- Since season 1 its never changed. Second place? Shane Duh 8p
My fave is Dana & Shane. I could hang w/Shane! Luv Tasha, too. & well can't forget Alice. She is just way too funny.
Got to be Bette and Tina, even when there with other people the luv they have for each other is seen by everbody else. Only problem is not by them till series 5. Luv them both equally cant pick between them.


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