Do you have an favorite L Word surprise you want to talk about? What happened? What season?

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End of Season 5, Tasha and Alice, hands down!

Well, this qualifies as a "surprise" only because I actually enjoyed the episode - haha! The writing of the show has gone downhill in some ways for me, so it was a rare story that didn't make me roll my eyes. Anyway... Layup was one of my favorite episodes. It must have been the season before last, since it stars Papi. It's when Papi and her group challenges our gang to a street basketball game. I think the silliness of the episode just came at the right time for me. One of my biggest laughs came when Shane called Papi something other than Papi- what was it? Daddy? Whatever it was, the irreverence was hysterical. I also enjoyed the episode where Papi was at Helena's gambling event (I believe) and I only remember that much I because I liked what Papi was wearing. She cleans up well!
What happened? I didn't see it.

GrumpyGranny said:
End of Season 5, Tasha and Alice, hands down!

I think its because it looks like Alice is about to leave Tasha for this other woman, that's like a fashion designer I think, after Tasha just left the military so they can be together and be open about it!!
I wouldnt really call it my favorite, but most heart-wrenching... is when Dana died. My heart broke right along with Alice. I dont think I ever cried so much over a TV show.


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