I didn't see the first episode of season 6, so I'm countin' on commentary here to keep me up-to-date.

I've seen all the preview clips (thanks Moi and OneMoreLesbian) so I have a general idea of what's going on this season.

It's probably hard to tell this early into the season who killed Jenny, but who do you think it was?

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I know who it was thatnks to a spolier on the NY Post. urg!
so, april what does the ny post say? are you referring to the spin off w/alice and jail????
kit appears to have lost weight and bette's hair is longer and straighter....just some tid bits....
I was thinking Shane did it because she is gonna find out about how Jenny really messed shit up with her and Molly by lying to her but I'm still not sure.
I know who killed Jenny but I won't spoil, it for everyone but as April says below just check out ny
Who the f... does their marketing? Or what do I miss out in this strategy? Ilene...thanks for the L World, but season 6? WTF?
I hate to burst bubbles up here , but just because the NYC post says Alice is in prison for murder doesn't mean that she did it ............ call it presumptuous of me but that's the way I see it least until sunday come around, but me personally ..........I think she commited suicide and someone goes down for murder because there are alot of people that actually want to kill jenny right now ........ including me.
HAHA I agree with Sandra WTF?
I dont know who did it or why? or if maybe she did herself but either way im glad its last season. Im going to dare say that only reason ive been watching this series is for Jenny thas it 8p So without her???? nope sorry anywayz last season i dont have to think about it to much :p
maybe she did herself or that bitch she thankfully left. I love u Jenny thank god this is last season i wouldnt watched no more if Jenny died earlier 8p no lie.....
I think Jenny killed herself. True to form Jenny has to go out with drama.
I heard that the spin off has Alice in jail or something. But I would think that is not the entire show. Isn't there enough shows with lesbians in jail as is?


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