I didn't see the first episode of season 6, so I'm countin' on commentary here to keep me up-to-date.

I've seen all the preview clips (thanks Moi and OneMoreLesbian) so I have a general idea of what's going on this season.

It's probably hard to tell this early into the season who killed Jenny, but who do you think it was?

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i think it was niki.she was hidin in the bushes around the pool.suspicious i think so.our neighbors think jenny fell an was so drunk she gf thinks she commited suicide.
omg i feel the same way

Sandra Showtime said:
Who the f... does their marketing? Or what do I miss out in this strategy? Ilene...thanks for the L World, but season 6? WTF?
season 6 let us all down best thing about it was the pure love in Bette's eyes when she proposed and pure love in Tinas when she replied and the scene where Bette tells Tina that everyone else can fuck off coz she only wants her.


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