Who's your least favorite L Word character and why?

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i love to hate Jenny.
I love to hate Jenny, too. But, I didn't really like Kit's exboyfriend much either.
Ha! I think my least AND most favorite character on the L-word is Jenny; least because she is such a flaming you-know-what, and most because of the absolutely DELICIOUS way that Mia Kirsher plays her. What a gem of a part for any actress.

I think 2nd on the list for least favorited is Bette, because of her holier-than-thou controlling attitude. That just would not fly with me.

Other favorites: Max--he's probably the least screwed up of them all; Tasha, 'cause my wife is a veteran, and Alice because she is just irrepressible!

I'm another for the hate-filled adoration of Jenny. I think it started with her inability to write anything that isn't a thinly veiled memoir (aside from the manatee story, of course XD) and grew from there.
Bette because of her controlling and egotistic personality. In real life, I wouldn't be able to be around her - I can't stand people like that. Jenny is screwed up, but I'd at least be able to be around her more if the characters were real (hey, anyone can dream!)

My favorite characters have to be Alice and Tasha :)

Also, I miss Papi
Papi was the most stereotypical latina lesbian character L Word's writers could have come up with. THAT was pathetic. It almost speaks to the writers' own personal prejudices.
Jenny was everything female that made me want to throw up (dramatic, whiny, manipulative etc). Bette had issues for sure, but at least she wasn't a victim.
Interesting, I never really thought of Papi as stereotypical -- I just thought she was an interesting character.
Also, I'm not so sure the writers are prejudiced -- look at Carmen
Oh, and Bette was constantly a victim -- a victim of everyone else's "incompetence", as she perceived it. She was constantly complaining about other people. And then when Tina tried to be honest with herself and with Bette when she admitted she wanted to get back with men (after Bette frickin cheated on her), Bette became a victim of Tina's "straightness."
I don't like kits character. I hate the way she is portrayed as this tuff rehabilitated druggy. I think they play off of her role as foxy brown too much and is she bi or straight??? Do you all remember when she use to talk to Ivan wat wasw up with that and then the scene w/ her and Papi???


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