SistersTalk Radio airs live on Sunday nights at 5pm central. I'm thinking about adding a second show on Wednesday nights at 7pm cental (5pm pacific, 8pm eastern) called "Bloggers You Should Know." The show would be about 30 minutes long. Wednesday night's show will be designed to introduce interesting bloggers - new or experienced!


1. Your blog must be at least 6 months old
2. You must post at least once a week

I'm not looking for any particular type of blogs, I'm only looking for serious bloggers. Also, you don't have to be a gay blogger to participate so if you know a blogger who would be interested, please tell them about the show. Please make sure your friend knows he/she will be interviewed by a lesbian blogger!

The first Wednesday night "Bloggers You Should Know" show will air live on January 7. All interviews are archived so you can embed the podcast on your blog within 30 minutes after the show ends, or simply link to it in a blog post.

If any of you would be interested in doing the show, please email me the following:

1. Your name
2. Your blog's title
3. Your blog URL
4. Subjects you usually blog abaout
5. Anything interesting I might want to know about your blog

PLEASE don't respond in this thread. Please email me your information. If you prefer emailing me here on, that's fine too.

UPDATE: 10:35 am

Thanks to everyone who responded! Here's the schedule we have so far:

The Bloggers You Should Know Series.

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