This would be a great place for people to share their blog titles, URLs, and (if you want) descriptions so we can check out each others' creations!

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I'm Natalie. My blog/site, operational in some form since 1996, is All Facts & Opinions at, and it covers progressive & LGBT news, commentary, activism, pop culture, religion, the environment, arts, music, and all kinds of stuff, including info about my community-service Internet radio station, Grateful Dread Public Radio.
Blog Title: SistersTalk
Description: Addresses gay and lesbian issues, politics, parenting education, race, gender, and the occassional gay TV show (if I feel like watching one for more than a few weeks). I've been blogging since 2002.
My Blog is .

Created it after the Federal Flood of New Orleans (originally "Thoughts of the Dark Rose") in order to locate folks and get them information about the city. Now it's info driven with the descriptions of my life, the LGBT community and politics. I tend to use profanity. LOL
Blog Title: Ragnarok Finis- An Exercise in Satire
Overall Mission: I have been involved, over the past two years or so, in several situations which many would find to be either extraordinary, completely made up, or otherwise absurd. These include the following:
1) Nearly being expelled (thrice) from my university
2) Nearly being arrested (twice)
3) Legally defending myself against the Attorney General of my University
4) Taking on a corrupt student government and somehow winning.
5) Defending a friend (and winning) against all of the above, in addition to the Catholic League
6) Working at the United Nations
7) Somehow generating a list of friends and "enemies".

So, even though I am fairly young (20), I write about the insane situations I find myself in, all with a sense of satire so I do not get charged with slander or libel (It is only true if you think it is). I also blog about my mundane life, some video games, and, as of late, more topics related to the LGBTQ Cause.

I am also a contributing authour for several other blogs ( is a main one), so I am stretched every direction. I THINK I use profanity, but there is no nudity. I only really have one rule for the blog: No Sponsors, No Rules, No Guarantees.
Blog Title: SteadyCat's SoapBox
Description: My blog could be labeled personal because it's a mix of things. The topics include politics, relationships, teeth whitening, movies, being a lesbian, the lessons I've learned and more..
My blog is Thoughts from a Lezzymom and it covers LGBT news, politics, and life. During the Democrat and Republican conventions it was featured on C-span
My name is the (fairly common) Michael Jones, and I blog over at It focuses mostly on LGBT politics, current events, international LGBT news, and more. I'd love for y'all to visit and offer your thoughts!

I'm Niki and I am one half of the DykeDrama duo. We do a podcast.. used to be weekly, then it went biweekly.. now we're picking up pace again. My partner in crime is Vangie and she is located outside of Philadelphia while I am based in the bay area just south of San Francisco.

We talk about LGBT issues, news, tv and entertainment items, interviews with various interesting people and just about whatever catches our interest at the moment. We are not experts at anything, but have been around the block a time or two. If you are looking for something mostly lighthearted with the occasional serious side, give us a try.

You can find us at
My name is Jackie. I am happy to share my travel blog with all of you. It is

You will find information about France, Belgium and Italy: culture, news, recipes, traditions, sports,tips about traveling, etc...You will also have travel notes from some of my guests. I am a Tour Operator for small groups of 8 LGBT. When people come on my trips, they are happy to write about their daily experience on my blog.
I hope to see you on the blog.
My blog is about queer activism
I am part of the Lez Get Real group "A Gay Girl's View of the World". I like to write about religion...
Update! I just today, FINALLY, got my OWN computer. Okay, it IS old, it's a "hand-me-down" from a good friend, but hey! Something is better than nothing!

My NEW blog heck, I have no idea what it is. It's hard to tell WHAT I might write about
It is a work in progress

If you are interested in faith based, GLBT issues, there is another site you might want to check out. I am currently the Hospitality Hostess and on the Animal Minisrties Team at Unidiversal CCF Church. We believe in Diversity for ALL people... and we MEAN IT!!!!


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