This is one of the subjects we'll discuss on our next She, She Said episode - which happens to be our 1st year anniversary episode of SistersTalk Radio.

We want your input on this question: Would you tell your partner s/he is too fat for sex?

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No way! My girlfriend was always big and beautiful....and I've always found her to be extremely sexy, no matter how much weight she's gained. Over the past two years, she has definately gone up a couple of sizes, and that hasn't diminished her appeal in the slightest, in my eyes.
kenzie: My partner and I were discussing this. She said pretty much what you said. We ran a few scenarios through the discussion and I concluded that if there's anything (weight, drugs, work, the kids, etc) in the relationship that's getting in the way of your sex life, you should discuss that. Keeping the lines of communication open is what's important, I think.
not tooo fat for sex. too heavy for her heart, her diabetes risk, arthritis, breathing and other health risks, but my grrl would never be too heavy for me to want to make love with her.
No way, two things will happen if I did one, I'll be sporting two black eyes, and two, I'll be sleeping on the couch and
my sex drive is always above the maxium. So I surely wouldn't make that statement to my girl.
No I wouldn't tell my lover that she is too fat to have sex... I would ask her to try different positions that would work out for us.


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