I will follow anyone who follows me, with the exception of:

1. MLMers
2. Mommy bloggers who only tweet about baby products all day
3. Anti-gay folks (of course!)
4. Someone who only posts links to their blog, but never actually converse with other people
5. Someone who follows me, waits for me to follow back, then unfollows me (I knowwhat you're doin'!)

Sometimes I do a search to find people who are tweetin' about things like DOMA and Prop 8. I follow those people because we have similar interests.

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It's a tough one...I follow mostly the LGBT community. I monitor when I can to weed out MLM and inappropriate content
I follow back people that I find interesting, lesbian, trans, BDSM, SciFi or just plain interesting. I used to follow back anyone who followed me but I've grown more selective. I also find new people through the tweets of friends and a good way to find new lesbians is to do a search on Mondays for #muffmunchmonday, ;)


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