I met Joe on the Internet on a site called We have a lot of sexual tension between us. Oh my dear God she is so sexy. We have had many HOT sexual escapades. You wanted to know about the watter falls? *EVIL GRINS* Joe picked me up the night before to stay the night at her house. We dropped her friend off at a car rental place and we where deciding what we wanted to do that day. She chose to spend the day at the beach. I thought a romantic day looking at the ocean was a wonderful way to spend the day together so we started towards the bay area. Traffic was at a stop and I get cranky sitting in traffic especially on a hot day. I am a country girl not a city girl. We turned around and I said I would take her on a hike. I knew of a few water falls in the mountains up by Tahoe where I had lived. We grabbed some waters and snacks on the way up. We finally arrived after driving through the lush rolling hills and up the beautiful mountain. We got out of the car and the familiar smell of earth, rosemary, black berry, oak and pine engulfed my senses as we began the hike into the wilderness. You need to know how to get there. It is not on the map. Only locals know about it. I guided her in through all the brush that had overgrown the path. You could not even see the trail any more. It was like a movie in slow motion. I went in first as she followed completely enshrouded in greenery all the while never breaking eye contact. I walked with my back to the brush pushing the overgrowth with my back side leading her in holding both her hands as the branches snap back into place. She smiled at me with a child like innocence as she looked into my eyes with wonder and amazement. We followed the brook that sang to us as we then followed the creek where the beginnings of small watter falls began. We had to lean walking backwards down the steep slope using the ropes left tied to the trees. The terrain is nothing but loose dirt which is very slippery. There are 3 areas where you use the ropes. I was racing with excitement to get there forgetting she was not as sure footed as my self. I slowed my pace for her. I knew the trails all to well where as she had never been before. We climbed the granite rocks as we started to hear the thunder of the waterfall. It is at least 2 stories tall. I went down first so as to stabilize the ropes for Joe. I took her to the edge and we sat there and began to talk over this fairytail scenery of vast greenery and mist. The water fell over the side cascading down to a lagoon below. We where disappointed at first due to the fact that 3 other people where there. We where greeted by their dogs. They where so freaking cute! Joe wanted to climb up the rock face and walk up the creek where there weren't any people. I showed her how to get around. I am short but have incredible upper body strength due to losing mobility in my lower limbs in a motorcycle crash in 1999. I pulled my self up with ease on the rock without using my legs and she was flabbergasted at my strength. She is taller so she didn't have any problem getting up. I am only 62 inches where as she is 69 to 70 inches tall. I took her to another place with a smaller waterfall. She laid me down on the sun baked granite and lay on top of me. I could feel the warm sting of the rock on my back as she began to kiss my lips sweetly. She caressed my face with one hand and fingered my hair with the other. She began to part my lips with her tongue as she started running her hands over my breasts. Her kisses became more impassioned as she ran her breath down my neck and kissed her way back up to my ears. She made a nice snack out of them as she ran her hands down my sides and into my shorts. My breathing quickened and a moan escaped me as she positioned herself in between my legs and began to press her self on my clit. My heart started pounding as her kiss grew more wild with animalistic passion. I was writhing under her as my nails dug into her back. I bit down on her neck and shoulders while she took off my shorts and top to reveal my bikini tanned body and 34 DDD's in the wilderness. She ran her warm mouth over my hardening nipples as she began to suck and flick them with her tongue. I entangled my fingers in her hair and pressed her hard into my breasts as I uncontrollably gasped out my approval. I squeezed my fist full of hair so as to pull the hair but not jerk her away from the pleasure she is bringing me. She pulls me upright on her as she brushes my bare back with her hands hungrily. She lifts me up to a platform and laid me on it kissing me more ravenously and wildly. She kisses my lips putting her large tongue in my mouth with more crazed enthusiasm and passion. Joe kisses and bites down my neck and shoulder's as she kisses and licks her way down teasing my senses. She kisses my ribs as though I was dinner nibbling and sucking her way down to my stomach. She works her way to my hips leaving a trail of kissing, biting and licking. Her kissing around my hips causing me to writhe under her. She gingerly and hungrily kisses my inner thigh and works her way to my knees and down my calves and back up again only to brush my wet pussy with her lips and her hot breath. She worked her way down my other leg and back up again making sure not to miss place one kiss as she worked her way up. She sucked on my lips before inserting her tongue in my opening that flowed my own river of lust. She drank me up and breathed me in as she began to lick me from hole to clit with her large tongue that covered every inch of me all at once. The warmth and wetness from her mouth felt so good as I bucked all over the rock face in a crazed frenzy. She didn't let me go holding me tightly licking and sucking my clit wildly. I moaned with pleasure uncontrollably. My moans crescendo into screams of ecstasy that echoed off of the mountain rock. I was about to cum when she inserted her large fingers in my pussy and began thrusting in and out of me all the while licking and sucking on my swollen clit. I scream my approval as the echo bounces off the mountain side. I am writhing under her as the sensations are mounting and building to a peak I can no longer bare. I am in a frenzy of sensations as I begin to feel this intense electric charge building to an exotic explosion that pierces up my abdomen, throwing my chest up to my throat. My skin tingled, giving me a total body high. Just as I am having the orgasm of a lifetime, I begin to see movement of colors that are not natural to the forest. With a panicked motion, I jumped up just in time. I threw my underwear in Joe's pocket. We try to look casual as the 3 people with there dogs hike past us to get to there cars. They wave to us as we wave back with shit eating grins. Just as they leave we bust into a song of laughter at our being caught in the trows of passion. Noticing that the people were now gone, I asked Jo if she wanted to go back to the main waterfall. Her eyes shined with brilliance as she said yes with the most excited enthusiasm. I led her back down to the waterfall and sat her down at the top, next to where the water was spilling over. The sound of the water was roaring as loud as my heart was pounding. I lean over to kiss her sweetly and brush her lovely face with my finger tips. I trace her jaw and trail my fingers down her neck to her shoulders, while I begin rubbing on her clothed breasts. I can feel her nipples hardening in response to my touch as I kiss her more passionately. I positioned myself over the ledge on a one foot wide platform that protruded outward 8 inches. It was just big enough for me to stand on and position my self in between her legs. One false move and I was taking a plunge into the lagoon 2 stories below. I looked at her with the most seductive gaze I could muster. I could feel my devilish horns begin to reveal them selves in all there glory. I feel so ravenous for her as I begin to tease her sweet and soft lips. I lead her to believe she is going to be kissed and coyly pull away leaving her with only my hot breath on her lips. I begin to trace her lips with my fingers once again and pull her to me as I give her a piercing stare that makes her eyes dilate and widen. I kiss her and softly bite her lower lip pulling it gently as I part from hers. I never break eye contact with her as I begin the dance of sizzling seduction. I am going to slay her with my eyes, pierce her soul with my tongue, bring her to the throws of ecstasy with my fingers and set her ablaze with my kiss. I will teach her my dance and she will tremble in my wake. I am wild with hunger for her and I will eat her alive with my carnivorous nature. I am not shy but I'm not as sure of her comfort in becoming nude in the out doors. I devilishly lift her shirt kissing her stomach and kiss her ribs. I wrap my arms around her back wile kissing her ribs unfastening her bra with one stroke as I remove the unwanted obstacle revealing her perky and perfectly rounded breasts. I begin to lick her nipples as I hear nothing but approval from her lips as her breathing quickens and soft moans escape her lips. I slowly take her shirt off, studying her for any discomfort as I continuously suck and flick her nipples in encouragement. I will have my way with her, making sure she can not refuse me. Her half nakedness is now revealed in the golden sun. The radiance, glowing from her skin causes me to smile even more devilishly. I lean back to admire her glorious body and brush my lips on her lips once again. I begin to kiss her even more madly and she is relieved in her ability to finally release her wild kisses in return. I kiss her madly and passionately to the point she is tearing at my clothes. I tear off her board shorts and toss them to the side releasing her perfume that mixes with the mountain air. I ravenously kiss and lick my way to her breasts driving her to moan for me. She exhales with an airy voice as I work my magic down her ribs to her stomach and down to her pelvis. I suck on her hip bones and stop to dance my tongue on a faint surgical scar. I kiss my way to the crease between her pussy's lips and where her thigh begins. I breathe in her perfume that drives my hunger as I ravenously kiss down her thigh nibbling, licking and kissing. I make my way to her knees, lingering for a awhile, moving to her ankles, then working my way back up again. I breathe on her fragrant pussy as it flows like the waterfall she is sitting next to. The mist beads on her beautiful womynly figure as I lap it up, working my way down her other lushes thigh and back up again. I lick lightly on her pussy's lips and lick the folds of her beautiful flower. I suck her lips dry and start to lick her clit with one movement never leaving contact. I lick her clit ever so lightly carefully placing the pressure so as not to over stimulate. I lick her from top to bottom slowly as I suck her juices from her. I place my chin in her opening as I lick and suck her clit stimulating every external erogenous zone. Her hips writhe with pleasure as I grip her voluptuous ass licking more vigorously. I can taste her excitement building in her clit. Her clit begins to swell in my mouth as I taste the electric charge like the tip of a buttery building on my tongue. I begin to place my fingers in her opening and slowly begin to insert a finger inside and then another. I hear her moans of pleasure and it turns me on to the point of a crazed insanity. I insert a third finger burying every knuckle in her hungry pussy applying pressure on her inner wall with my finger tips. She begins to buck wildly as I hold her like a lioness holds her pray in her mouth as it breaths it's last breath. I grip her beautiful ass with my paws, burying my face as deep as I can go, while maintaining the ability to breathe. She throws her head back flicking her long wavy brown hair in the breeze as she arches her back. She begins to buck like a wild mustang as it is cornered fighting for it's freedom. I feel her contracting and throbbing on my face. I can feel her contracting on my figures so tight I almost thought she would snap them off! I lighten up on my vigor as she is coming down from her orgasmic high. Her body collapses limp as I slowly remove myself from her depths. I kiss her pussy softly and gently as she quivers with sensitivity. I pull myself up from the cliff and lay to her side and begin to stroke her lushes hair. I kiss her sweetly and softly as I tell her she has put me under a spell. We gaze into eachother's eyes amazed at the passion we bring to one another. We lay there kissing and caressing each other for awhile before dressing ourselves once again. We smile at each other as we regain our childlike innocence. I interlock my fingers with hers as we work our way back up the trail that is now up hill. I glance back at her with a stupid grin on my face. She smiles back at me ever so sweetly. We slowly work our way threw the rocks and back to the ropes. I held the ropes as Joe went up and then I followed. We walked back up the steep slopes and followed the creek to the brook. As we made our way to the dense brush, once again the running water played and the birds sang their love song. I held her hand as I led her through the foliage and back to the car. She unlocked the door, opened it for me and I then seated my self. She closed my door for me as I leaned over to open the door for her. She slid her self in the car and asked me how she was to turn around on this one lane road. I directed her out of the more offbeat roads and on to the main roads once again. Once we were on our way down the mountain, my devilish horns began to poke out once again.

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